Au’Drea – LMT


Contact Info:
Phone: (404) 969-2374

Owner – CrystalSoundBody

About me:
I have been a Wellness Practitioner for 16 years. I graduated from Atlanta School of Massage with a certification in Wellness Massage and Spa Therapist and a certification in Shiatsu and Acupressure. Over the years I have obtained certifications in Chakra Therapies, Reiki, Reflexology, Qigong, and Lymphatic Massage. I’ve worked at some of the top Spas in Atlanta, Ga (Spa Sydell, Natural Body Spa and Massage Envy). 

While maintaining a steady career in the massage industry, I’ve also held workshops teaching the practice of Qigong. I’ve created and sold healing products for physical and emotional healing for over a decade.

Today I have expanded my practice to include Crystal and Sound Healing. Two energetic practices that have changed my approach to Wellness Therapies. I am also an active member with AMTA (American Massage Therapies Association).

My approach to bodywork:
Crystal Sound Body is dedicated to restoring balance to the physical body and the emotional mind by providing healthy solutions to stressful reactions through sound, energetic, and bodywork therapies. There are many different stressors in society today and I seek to provide cost effective ways of handling the pressures. 

My wellness sessions are customized based on the different needs of the client. The wellness services offered below will help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Individual In-Office rates:
All body work services (Reiki, Sound, Massage):
30 minutes…………$45
60 minutes…………$75
90 minutes…………$105

Steam Therapy…….$15
Body Brushing……..$12

Qigong Lessons:
Private 60 minutes $30
Group per person.  $15