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IMPT: nCrowd/BoomStreet voucher clients please read

Dear clients,

Earlier this year we began to have issues with nCrowd paying us for the vouchers we had redeemed and went months without payment.

Just as some of you have found out, nCrowd/Half-off Depot no longer exists. It’s now BoomStreet. While seeking payment for the vouchers redeemed in June and July, we were informed that Clayco Capital Investments acquired nCrowd in foreclosure and did not acquire the liability for any months prior to August 1, 2015. As a result, we will not be paid the money owed.

Because of this development, we chose to cancel our deal through BoomStreet. We will be notifying our clients who have appointments on the books individually (so if you are reading this, please look to your email and your voicemail). We are opting to honour the price of $39, with accompanying screenshot or printed voucher. But we will not be honouring the voucher itself.

Please contact to get a refund for your voucher. Our sincerest apologies for this, unfortunately we have no recourse and have chosen to not to business with this company in the future.